Our Pillars

Our Pillars

Entsika is a Xhosa word that means a “pillar of strength”. The pillar represents stability, a person or thing that can be relied upon to give a great deal of support and comfort. The pillar can also be used to describe reliable leaders in the society.

We believe in excellence, in appearance and in substance. We believe that our clients’ success is our success. We consistently maintain high standards for service and always bring the best team to bear on every single project no matter the scale. We pride ourselves with the quality of our work which surpasses ordinary standards.

As a flat organisation, we believe in an open exchange of ideas across the firm. Knowledge and know-how are often something that most consulting firms are reluctant to share, however we believe the opposite is true. We believe in freely sharing knowledge and know-how with our clients and partners to work collaboratively and produce results that are sustainable.

Quality of work
Our work ethic is ingrained in our DNA and guides our overall quality, reputation, and productivity. We continually drive, monitor and improve our standards so that we deliver optimal solutions to our clients. We are highly committed to finding better and more efficient ways of doing things and do it with integrity and discipline. The quality of our work is non-negotiable.

We understand the diversity of our clients, their different business objectives and goals, different needs and even cultures. Despite these differences, we live the way they live. Our teamwork helps organisations explore extraordinary opportunities, manage and sustain growth and maximise revenue. We capitalise on the strengths of each member, acting professionally and seeking continuous growth and improvement.

We win through excellence, quality of work, sustainability and teamwork!