Our Pillars

Our Pillars

Entsika is a Xhosa word that means a “pillar of strength”. The pillar represents stability, a person or thing that can be relied upon to give a great deal of support and comfort. The pillar can also be used to describe reliable leaders in the society.

We believe in excellence!… In appearance and in substance. Excellence is “a talent or quality which is unusually good and so surpasses ordinary standards” and this is exactly what we strive for in everything we do at Entsika. Because of the pride we have in what we do and deliver, we always make every effort to surpass ordinary standards. Furthermore, we are highly committed to finding better and more efficient ways of doing things.

Knowledge and know-how is often something that most consulting firms are perceived as reluctant to share, however we believe the opposite is true. We believe in sharing knowledge and know-how with our clients and partners to ensure that we produce results that last. We simply call it sustainability. Our approach is hands-on. We roll up our sleeves and collaborate with our clients’ organisations from the boardroom to the front line, from the start.

A sustainable impact is always our end goal and we believe that this can only be achieved by working closely with our clients and fully understanding their needs. We engage our clients, staff, communities and all other stakeholders as partners. We build and nurture those partnerships over time in such a way that mutual respect, trust and teamwork are always at the core of our relationship.

The quality of our work always remains our top priority and we never compromise it. It is in our “DNA”, from a consultant to top executives, that we continuously drive, monitor and improve on our quality standards so that we deliver optimal solutions to our clients.

We win through teamwork, trust, humility, mutual respect and diversity.