About us

Who are we

Established in 2009, the black owned and managed Entsika was formed by professionals with extensive experience in consulting, business advisory, internal audit, engineering and construction, training and skills development, and plant asset management. We are sector agnostic and set apart by our ability to guide organisations on both a strategic and operational level through the experience of our team providing solutions that gives them a competitive edge and drive value

Our structure

We have adopted a flat structure, the partners jointly run the practice and more importantly delegate and empower the rest of the executive team to make decisions. This means that everyone in the organisation is empowered to find the fastest way to solve a client’s problem. This shortens the chain of command, increasing communication between all employees and across management. This structure has allowed us sufficient flexibility for decisions to be made on an “as needed” basis and continues to positively influence the way we serve our clients.

Our team

Qualified and competent staff form the bedrock of our organisation and are the driving force behind our growth. Our team is a multi-disciplinary blend of accountants, engineers, MBA’s and IT specialists with extensive local and international experience, proven track record and strong market knowledge. Our diverse disciplines give us the ability to bring financially sound and innovative solutions to the table.

Our combined consulting and business experience has given us the flexibility that can assist in any aspect of our clients’ business life-cycle. With the shared ambition that we display we believe we deliver lasting results for our clients and our communities in which we operate. We recognise that our people are our key assets and therefore have embraced a culture of lifelong learning and development.